Wednesday, September 18, 2013

pompous perception

Oh my, so so true!  I have seen this over & over again; so easy to perceive things wrongly & especially online  (FB anyone?) :P The girl or the guy who thinks everyone likes them....  I love all the "spiritual" buzz words here. Good stuff  :) 


  1. So funny! The buzz words cracked me up. Honestly, from growing up at a Bible college where the young guys would spout off spiritual buzz words/verses/theological terms constantly in an effort to appear "spiritual" and "cool", guys who are constantly speaking Christianese are a major turn-off. I've seen how it's SO easy to talk the talk. I'd rather see a guy who may not stick a verse in every other sentence or word things in a "Christian" way, but is on fire for God (and yes, the two are not one and the same). :)

  2. Oh MY that is so hilarious and we can honestly fool ourselves into thinking we really are caring more about the other person and not even realize it's all about ourselves (been there done that)!