Tuesday, February 18, 2014

why do women find men playing with children so attractive?

Many times my  daughters have pointed out to me that one of the most attractive things about a man is the way he interacts with children. If its very natural, it becomes very attractive & just beautiful. This is a huge thing for them. I've heard many a woman say this very same thing. It makes a man handsome & shows a soft & loving heart. I tend to agree with this. Our girls will notice a man who goes out of his way to play or interact in a gentle way with little ones, even if they are not looking for it in particular, it will always stand out in comparison to the guy who doesn't even notice a child.  Its not attractive if it has to be put on, but the real-deal. What could be more precious than watching a fellow pick up a baby to hold, love & kiss him/her? This is attractive ladies. It speaks volumes..... well, at least to us :) 

I did some research on this as I thought about it & wondered, is it just us? Would I even find such a silly topic on the web? Who looks this stuff up anyway???? ME! haha..... well, I did find a few things & well.... what I found proves that a lot of women find these men above & beyond attractive. Meltingly so. Now mind you, I didn't go into a Christian forum, just did a regular search. 

The results:   :)

Why do women find men playing with children so attractive?

~  "I brought my nephew to the park today, and I got 3 phone numbers...women never come up to me like that when Im doing anything else...this is actually the second time something like this happened to me. I'm not complaining lol i just would like to understand the reasoning behind it. "

~ "It shows you are affectionate, and caring. It is a way of showing them you actually have values"

~ "It makes us picture the guy as possible husband material."

~ " It seems clich√©d and perhaps even insulting to insinuate that women go weak at the knees when they see a guy playing with children and getting along with them, but it is nevertheless undeniably an attractive quality in a man for many women."

~ "i think its kind of like a guy with a cute puppy. you just can’t help and stop." 

~ "I have always said there is nothing cuter to me than a man with a small child. It just melts me every time I see it – and the sillier he is, the more melty I get."

~ "I am a mommy to be and one of the things that initially attracted me to my husband was the way little kids flocked to him! He loves them and they love him and yes it is cute to see a man melt when he is around little kids! I can’t wait until he is a daddy to our future baby!"

~ "Because a woman wants a man that will take of her and her children."

well.... you get the idea :) 

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