Friday, March 15, 2013

unholy fantasy life

Well, as you know my blog is all about relationships, romance & girl stuff. I've explained girls are all I know :) We talk a lot about these sort of topics daily, so what better place to share but here? 

I have never read the Twilight Series (and I'm glad) perhaps some of my readers have, I don't know. I've read enough about them from the worlds perspective & from a Christian perspective. Seems to me that when girls read this sort of what Ill call, "dangerous fiction", they are driven  into an unrealistic world of sick romance. I mean, girls are crazy for this sort of stuff. This is romance? The verse that comes to mind is:

Isa. 5:20

Woe unto them that call evil good, and good evil; that put darkness for light, and light for darkness; that put bitter for sweet, and sweet for bitter!

I've heard Christians say that the Twilight Series is just a "fun read" & that its being totally blown out of proportion. Should Christians be reading this sort of stuff?  Have you? How has this series helped in your estimation of men? Do you feel it has grown you & made you keenly aware of true romance? 

Anyhow, a great article below.....

Does Twilight Lead to an Unholy Fantasy Life?

Erin Davis

Yesterday, we started a week-long look at Twilight. This best-selling series and movie have enormous appeal to young women worldwide, but I am convinced that as Christians, it is best if we steer clear of this series.  

As promised, over the next few days, we will be exploring three reasons to avoid Twilight mania. But I don’t just want you to take my word on this. These thoughts will be grounded in Truth from God’s Word. 

Here’s one of my beefs with this series…it seems that focusing on Bella and Edward’s romance can lead to an unholy fantasy life. I’ve personally witnessed what can only be touted as Edwardmania among many of the young women I know. Edward (the story’s vampire protagonist) is admired by young women as the ultimate standard for a boyfriend. 

One girl wrote the following on an Edward fan site. " I love Edward not because he's the ideal guy any girl could dream of. Because he is inspiring, his figure doesn't make girls hide in their rooms and daydream all of their lives. It makes us go out and search for our own Edward. And the blessing comes after we have found him. We can stay forever in the bliss of having the most perfect guy in the universe all to ourselves…"

Yikes! I can’t make this stuff up. I have had several girls personally tell me that they want their own Edward. This idea is strengthened by Bella’s obsession with Edward in the book. She is willing to do anything for him, including becoming a vampire herself in order to be with him forever. Every night Edward sneaks in to Bella’s room to sleep next to her and Bella hides it from her parents. Even though this clearly bucks the Bible’s standards for response to authority, it seems to just make Twilight readers swoon more for Edward. For many young women it seems that thoughts of him create a runaway train of romantic fantasies about a fella who isn’t their potential husband (he is fictional after all). Focusing on this standard, rather than on God’s standards for romance is way off course. 

Many of you have written about how difficult it is to wait on God’s timing for romance. And several of you have been honest about the heartache you’ve experienced when you’ve made the decision to link your life with someone other than the man God would choose for you. Surely an obsession with a fictional character, who seems to have it all, does nothing but muddy these waters. 

2 Corinthians 10:5 tells us to “take every thought captive to make it obedient to Christ.” I truly think that these books make this an increasingly difficult task. 

But, Twilight certainly isn’t the first book to introduce this kind of deception. Unrealistic and ungodly portrayals of romance, and love, and beauty are everywhere. What are some other factors that contribute to an unholy fantasy life for you? What are some strategies that you use to make sure you stay focused on God’s standards for love?


  1. I have never really understood the facination with the Twilight series. I have decided not to read the books or watch the movies as I feel the whole "vampire" and "werewolf" theme isn't good stuff to be filling my mind with. When it comes to other romance stories (without the weird super-natural themes), they can tend to be more of a struggle. I've actually written myself about how dangerous fictional men can be when we set them up as the ultimate standard. Jesus Christ was the only perfect man. What we as young women should be desiring is a man endeavoring to be like Him (and, thankfully, God has blessed me with a husband who is doing just that).

    Great post!!! Your blog is so wonderful!
    God bless!

    1. Rachel, I agree with you so much on this. We never allowed the books to enter our home, but it was never a concern, our daughters never wanted to read them because of convictions they have in this area.

      You've touched on something that I struggle with; the romanticizing of fictional characters. I see this a lot & I've seen the danger that comes with it. I especially see this with Mr. Darcy. Girls, especially home schooled girls have this image in their mind of a perfect-in-every-way man. Of course I have never seen him as such. Us ladies here are a bit hard on Mr. Darcy. Id love to do a blog post, but oh boy, not with all these ladies on my blog!!! :P I do not despise the man, but he really isnt what the ladies have made him out to be. I love P & P, the 95 version. I really, really do not like him until Lizzie plays the piano & then I see a sweet man. Ok, ok, lets not go there.... haha.. anyway...

      We are anti Mr. Darcy. Probably because of what its done to so many ladies we know & the young ladies all over blogger. Its everywhere. Not sure if its peer-pressure, or each & every girl is smitten with Mr. D. If you ever find out why, would you share with me? :)

      Mr. D is not perfect. He is anything but, but somehow because he did a good deed, he is deemed a hero. So I guess that makes him perfect :) Who knows.

      I am so very happy for you that you are blessed with such a man! WOW! How good God is to provide for you! You are a lovely lady, he has hit the jack-pot!

      Who needs Mr. D when you have a phenomenal man in your life??? A REAL man!

      Im glad you like my blog.... you just never know :)

      Blessings to you, Rachel!

  2. Hmmmmm, tricky subject. Twilight is extremely poorly written and Kristin Stewart the worst actress on the planet, so I have no inclination to try these. :D

    I agree that girls can idolize fictional/romantic heroes. However, in this world of Edward Cullen and "unrealistic" romance, I don't see the problem in looking up to/admiring good examples of fictional heroes (as much as I'm not a Mr. Darcy fan, he's an honorable guy and he's not perfect, despite what people may think, and I don't see the harm in a girl wishing for a man like him). If they display godly character and are flawed at the same time, it can be a good thing. In moderation. ;)

    1. hehe... Ally... k, I wont get into my whole sermon on romanticizing fictional characters being that your good friend, Michaela has this thing for Mr. Thornton.

      So...... you ladies hash that one out & Ill just sit here & well... shake my head :)

      I do see your point, but....

  3. I've never read "Twilight" ( and have no desire to), but I do know it is very popular, even among Christians. When did Christians become so un-discerning? Now I know people have different standards, but basically, if something would cause you to have unholy thoughts, glorifies evil, etc., we should really watch out. I know very little about Twilight, but even the basic idea of a girl falling in love/being in a relationship with a vampire doesn't sound very wholesome!
    Earlier this year I read "Dracula". I have mixed thoughts, because if I wouldn't read "Twilight", should I be reading a book about vampires? Long story short, I did end up reading, and while I'm not sure I'd really recommend it ( not only was it creepy, but it was semi-graphic in describing the methods of destroying vampires =P) I did notice a VERY strong contrast between good and evil, to the point where Dracula ( the vampire), was seen as an extremely evil being, similar to Satan. Since when should that be considered romantic?? If you read it you would not want to have ANYTHING to do with a vampire if they were real. I was also struck by the very strong character in the book, those who were seeking to destroy Dracula. The men were very courageous, protective of the women, to the point of risking their own lives, morally upright, etc. Give me Quincy Morris over Edward Cullen any day! =D

    I also agree with Rachel - just because a book has "Christian" tacked on doesn't mean it will necessarily be wholesome. I have read a few (less than 10) books that could be considered Christian "romance novels", I either put some of the down before finishing, or was struck by how romantic in a feelings-based way they were, and knew this wouldn't be a good thing for girls to be reading, especially if they were not firmly grounded in their convictions about love and romance.

    This is something I'm very passionate about and will be writing an post ( possibly post series) on soon.

    1. Samantha, you are a wise, beautiful lady :) Youve hit on everything, I have nothing left to say :) thats good, because I talk too much :)

      you said:

      "I also agree with Rachel - just because a book has "Christian" tacked on doesn't mean it will necessarily be wholesome."

      As my daughters were growing up, I found myself getting rid of books that were "wholesome", I didnt like them reading romance novels, now of course I have two in their 20's & they read romance that is beautiful, not gross. But, they can handle it & are adults. I trust them in the choices that they make & I think its kept them in a romantic mind set that is not tainted by sexual innuendos. They especially love Lucy Maud Montgomery, her books are romantically poetic. Makes my girls all melty & stuff ;)

      Cant wait to read what you come up with.

  4. YES! It is a dark attraction. By placing high morals in the body of a demon (Vampires originated from the Fallen Ones when they came to earth and set themselves up as gods.)you make evil that much easier to swallow.

    There is a big difference between godliness and morality. True godliness will be in opposition to anything dark, morality just means that you live in an upright and 'clean' way. The devil does present himself as an Angel of Light after all (2 Cor 11:14). By cloaking darkness in a desirable love story he has created a spiritual Trojan Horse.

    Unholy fantasy is a good way to put it.

    Besides that, there are countless real life stories that are filled with high morals, awesome characters, and great love stories. The Bible is the best place I know of to find those kind of epics.
    Seriously! Read of some of the battles and the hero's in Genesis and Judges. Many of those wars were larger in scale than those portrayed in the Lord of the Rings.

    High morals? Look at Daniel, at David, and Joseph.

    Talk about an amazing love story, look at Ruth and Boaz, David and Abigail, Esther and Xerxes, Joseph and Mary, Issac and Rebekah, Jacob and Rachel,- I think you get the picture ;)

    1. Josh, you said a mouthful, but I expect that :) I agree with you 100% & again, good to hear a guys perspective. And yes, I would agree the Bible has some phenomenal love stories even if Mr. Darcy isnt a part of it ;)

      you said:

      " True godliness will be in opposition to anything dark, morality just means that you live in an upright and 'clean' way."

      Well said! And perfectly said! Good, good words, I will keep that in mind & use it along the way :)

    2. Good point, Joshua. We should be looking at Biblical/godly historical figures, anyone who upheld good character and true godly romance, instead of looking in fiction for our romance.

  5. Yes, thank you Joshua Hurt, I couldn't have said it better myself! I do with that the media is slowly is changing how people view things as good and evil by such books and movies as these. That being said other than the excessive violence and gore I think found the Lord of the Rings to be a good read and movies.

    I have thought that much of the reason for girls having the wrong impression of what love is and and obsession with having a boyfriend is because of romance books. The verse that comes to mind is in Song of Solomon where is says "I change you, O daughters of Jerusalem, do not stir up nor awaken love unit it pleases." this was repeated many times in the book.

  6. Ah, wisdom from another man here, thank you, Josh! Good stuff, I appreciate it :)

    Song Of Solomon is a "hot" book if you will. And you are so right about that verse, I know the one you speak of. (good minds think alike :P ) Do not stir up nor awaken love until it pleases. But, when that time comes, it does wake up! And wonderfully so! Good stuff, thank you :)

    Ok, so would you like to be a guest blogger for me? Think of something relationship wise that would benefit young ladies & young men. Let me know!

  7. Please pardon all my typos, I need to learn to proofread my comments better before submitting them.

    Thanks, that verse applied for both guys and girls alike. And yes, it is a beautiful thing when love is awaken at the appropriate time. :) I think you and my mom think a lot a like (if I didn't know better I would say you two are sisters :P)!

    Thanks you for the invitation! I shall send you a blog post as soon as I think of something (or rather God lays something on my heart) and have the time to time it up. :)

  8. Your mom is a blessing & I need to get to her email.....