Thursday, March 14, 2013

are guys worshiping you?

Being a woman is not always what its cracked up to be, its tough out there! We love to be worshiped. Ok, Ok, I know someone is going to be mad, but if you really, really dig deep you will see that we love attention. God made women beautiful, there is no denying that. Nothing wrong with that, its how God made us. We like to be sought after, we want the attention.... nothing really wrong with that either. It is wrong though if your heart is not in the right place. We can use our beauty to get the wrong attention or use it for good. Would you agree? Can I get a witness? Can I hear an Amen???? Good.  

So very crucial that our beauty radiates from within. When a young man is mesmerized, taken aback by our beauty, may it be from the heart, the love & passion for Christ they see. When a man of God sees  this, you become dazzling to him, breath taking; you become truly beautiful. Having a pretty face is just that, however you can be very ugly on the inside, soon your beauty will become ugly to everyone. It really is all about Christ, it is He we represent, we must shine for Him. If a young man is looking for Him in you, He will see Him.  Christ will show through you & you become beautiful to him. That's the kind of man you want to attract. Its real easy to attract any old guy, it isn't hard, we all know it. But, attracting the upstanding men in this world will take dying to self, humility & proclaiming His name. So, reevaluate.  Next time you are in the presence of a young man or men, what are you wanting him/them to see, what message do you want to convey? What are your motives? We have to be so careful, don't we? Girls know how to play it & we know when we are manipulating too. It truly is a character flaw in us that needs to be curbed. Especially when doing this to "all the men." 

Interestingly enough, this article is written by a man :) If  a guy sees this in women, then it must be so ;)

Are Guys Worshiping You?

Brad Neese

I recently stepped off a train behind a girl who "innocently" (the quotes indicate an intenseamount of sarcasm) asked directions from five well-groomed guys. As she walked away, ten eyeballs followed her every move—and curve.
Girls are smart. Being a girl, you are totally going to understand this: your purpose (along with the purpose of every other human being on earth including guys) is to reflect and represent God on earth. Basically, you are to show the world what God is like. Check this out:

Then God said, "Let us make man in our own image, after our likeness. ..." So God created man in his own image, in the image of God he created him; male and female he created them (Gen. 1:26–27, emphasis added).
So what does it mean to show the world what God is like? For starters, the way you look at guys, talk with guys, and interact with guys should point them in the direction of God. That's what reflecting means; that's what representing means.
The moment you stop reflecting God you begin magnifying yourself. The moment you stop representing God you begin promoting yourself. The "created" begins to take the place of the Creator.
When you do not live out your purpose, guys end up worshiping YOU rather than God. But your purpose is not to replace God or be God, but rather to show guys what God is like so that GOD will be worshiped, not you.

REALITY CHECK: Let's face it; there are guys (you might call them "creepers") who totally worship you even though you don't intend it to be that way. That kind of guy misinterprets how you look at him, what you say, and even your well-intentioned "high five." There's not much you can do about him. Just be praying that God's Spirit works in his heart to show the dude how wrong he really is.
However, ladies, sometimes what you do and say is very intentional (you CAN do much about this). There are times when you give a guy a certain "look," a flirtatious laugh, or a teasing touch, all with the intention of getting a guy's attention or affection.
How do you know if you intentionally want a guy to worship you? It's all in your motives. When you have a guy in mind, do you think these thoughts?
I wonder what he will think when he sees me in this!
If I act "dumb" I can get more of his attention.
This picture will really get him excited!
I hope he chooses me over her.

I'll suggest we pray together so that he can hold my hand.

Laughing at all his jokes will totally make me attractive to him.

I'll "pretend" to bump into him so that he will talk to me.
Although culture is bombarding you with all kinds of thoughts, a constant question that needs to be on you mind is, "Why?"
Why am I wearing this?
Why am I acting like this?

Why am I saying this?
Why am I hanging out with him?

Why am I looking at him like this?

Why am I writing this note to him?

Why am I talking with him?
Why am I praying with him?

Why am I going on this trip with him?

Why am I sending him this picture?
Why am I going out with him?
All of these questions need to end with your purpose (to show guys what God is like). If not, then you need to be re-oriented to the truth of the gospel beginning with your purpose, which can only be realized and lived out by faith in Jesus Christ through the power of the Holy Spirit.
1. What about you? How do you get a guy's attention or affection? 

2. What questions are going through your mind when you are with a group of guys? 

3. How do you show guys what God is like?


  1. GREAT post! I think this is something a lot of girls ( myself included) don't always think about.

    How many times have we done something to get a guy to notice us when we have no intention of initiating any kind of relationship?

    1. What about you? How do you get a guy's attention or affection?

    Not something I've thought a lot about, but a good thing to consider. I would hope that a guy would become attracted to me by observing me doing just "normal" stuff. I wouldn't want a guy liking me just for how I looked, but by my character. Beauty fades but character doesn't!
    I think by just being "you", doing your normal stuff and acting appropriately, the right guy WILL notice you, even if it is just for the fact that you aren't acting like other girls! More than likely he WILL notice that you aren't flirting, doing things to get him to notice, etc.
    It may not SEEM like it, but I think they probably do notice.

    Any guys want to confirm that thought?? Or am I just hoping they notice the difference...? Do you notice when girls act differantly? I know that I notice girls and guys who aren't acting like "normal" teens/singles and appreciate it.

    2. What questions are going through your mind when you are with a group of guys?

    Oh, probably the things that were mentioned as things to NOT think about. =P
    Sometimes I'll think about what I'm wearing, or if I'm being friendly enough or too friendly, or if I'm saying the right thing, sounding smart, etc. Not ALL the time, but those things have crossed my mind before.
    I loved the questions in Mr. Neese's article, which are wonderful to remember. It's also good to remember to just be yourself, because if you make yourself into something/someone else, then a guy just might fall in love with the fake you, not the real you.
    It's normal to want a guy to notice you, but we have to be careful to not allow ourselves to put ourselves knowingly into situations where we would be tempted to do any of those things. And if we're tempted to do any of those things, we should pray that God would give us the strength to walk away or get out of the situation.

    How do you show guys what God is like?
    By our actions, I would way.

    3. How do you show guys what God is like?

  2. Yes, Samantha I can confirm that we (or at least I) do notice when girls at differently. I said something similar to your thoughts on a post way back on the UnMarried Movie post at the beginning of this blog (didn't write the comment until the other day though).

  3. *girls act differently
    Gah Proofread Josh, proofread!