Many people today believe that love is something that simply happens and that one has no control over this emotion. Those who accept this perspective believe "love at first sight" is proof of their understanding.

The Bible, however, gives a different description of love. In passages such as 1 Cor. 13; we find that love is a choice and a commitment. Godly love grows and endures through adversity. Godly love focuses on what is good for the other person as opposed to just one's self. Godly love develops over time.

In light of the Bible's teaching, we have to conclude that "love at first sight" is more often attraction (and sometimes lust) with a focus on oneself as opposed to godly love.

Today, if a guy and girl meet and are attracted to each other, that meeting is simply the starting point for developing a relationship that may lead to an enduring, biblical type of love.