Wednesday, October 15, 2014

should we bring back 1950's dating rules?

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I'm always fascinated when I hear some one blurt out, "ah, the good ol'  days." hmmm.... I often wonder what that means exactly. My dear friend, Hazel who just went onto her new life with the God of the universe always had such profound wisdom; I took every word in as if it were a drink of water needed for survival. So many words that proceeded from her mouth were gold to me. She was an outstanding women of God. She didn't know the Lord until her late 40's & truly was a berean; the older woman teaching the younger. I believe she was 86 when she passed this past year. I loved her so, I thank God for giving her to me & I thank Him for the wisdom she would share with me all the years I had the privilege  of having her in my life.  

Hazels hey-day was in the 40's. She was a cute brunette with lots of spunk. From the pictures that she showed me, she wore red, RED lipstick, cute dresses, heels & had adorable victory roles. She was a beauty! Hazel had it all going on, a gal to behold. She would tell me stories of the men in her life & the dances she attended so on & so forth. Hazel would say, "ah, the good ol' days!" Of course she would be talking about how young men & women behaved compared to today's standards. She was horrified! She was ok with dating at the time, but later in her walk came to understand its pitfalls. Hazel however, would never dare in her life approve of kissing on the first date. Actually, she believed that was for married people only. I loved that woman. I loved all that she taught me, her stories, her spunk, her enthusiasm. She understood. 

The good ole days. Hmmm... well, some how we have this romanticized idea that things were better, & sometimes they were, but the dating scene is what it is. This was a fun article below. Im finding fun vintagy pieces to share & while scouring the web, I surely have learned a lot about the good ole days! :P Not so sure the 50's were that great as far as dating. Some good points, but... "don't kiss the girl on the first date!" eeee-gads! How about no kissing at all! It all started in the car, don't you know. :P The back seat....... bad idea.  Oh well, what do I know. 

Should We Bring Back 1950′s Dating Rules?
Many of the quaint rituals of dating in the 1950′s show common courtesy that is lacking today. Would you like to see any of these rules brought back?
Dating Etiquette for Girls
  • - Only floozies ask guys out.
  • - When someone asks you out, it’s polite to give an immediate answer.
  • - Never break a date without providing a valid reason.
  • - There’s no such thing as fashionably late; be ready when your date arrives.
  • - It’s only proper to introduce your date to your parents.
  • - Don’t apply makeup in public (please see first point).
  • - At a restaurant, it’s ladylike to tell a date what you want for dinner, so he can order for you.
  • - Don’t humiliate guys by trying to pay for a date.

Dating Etiquette for Guys
  • - Dates aren’t like cramming for exams; don’t wait until the last minute to ask a girl out.
  • - It’s poor form to honk the car horn to announce your arrival; call for her at the door.
  • - Ask her parents when they want her home — and make sure your watch works.
  • - It’s only polite to help her don her coat.
  • - Real gentlemen open car doors for girls — or any door, for that matter.
  • - It’s chivalrous to walk between her and the curb.
  • - Bring enough money along.
  • - No kissing on the first date.
  • - On prom night, don’t leave the corsage in the fridge.

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