Friday, October 17, 2014

gateway to joy

Oh, the beautiful words of Elisabeth Elliot. For years when my girls were younger I would listen to this ladies wisdom daily on Gateway to Joy. I took in every word; she is an encouragement & without all the fluff & bubble gum stuff. She says it like it is & is not ashamed of what she believes & is also very forthright about her convictions. No cozy, frilly, make-me-feel-good stuff proceeds from her mouth. I like that... a lot.

If you haven't read any of her books, you must! TODAY! We found the ones we already have & ordered some from our local library in order to learn & be reminded of what it means to be a woman & how the God of the Universe is in control.

Read them & be blessed: 

Listen to her here & read on. For those of you who have not yet heard of Elisabeth, you will soon find  she was married to the great missionary, Jim Elliot ~ killed by the Huaorani warriors along with his four companions.

Do a search on Jim Elliot ~ you will be blessed. He's a good example of a man of God ready for battle. I love how Elisabeth talks about him & the stories she shares about their short life together. Yes, short, but packed with so much goodness. Elisabeth knew  when she met him that he was the kind of man she would want to spend the rest of her life with; truly a beautiful love story,  she would settle for no less. An encouragement to all ladies who are waiting on God & wondering when.   I'd like to encourage you to read Elizabeths books, no doubt you will be glad you did.

Right now I am reading: Passion & Purity (phenomenal book for ladies!!!)

I found these wonderful pins by Elisabeth. It was difficult to narrow them down to just a few, there are so many wonderful quotes! I have a feeling I will be using many in my posts...... she is wonderful :)


  1. So much wisdom here! Thank you for sharing. We have quite a number of her books on our bookshelf, but I don't think I've read many. I think I'll have to change that. :)

    1. Yes! She is a spectacular woman of God. Read Passion & Purity, you will love it :)