Tuesday, September 23, 2014

Confidently, You | guest post

So, I'm back & decided to start out with a blog post my daughter, Michaela wrote just yesterday. I will still be posting on relationships, but will be adding many new topics besides. Michaela is a wonderful lady who loves the Lord & is wanting to obey Him, I value her as a daughter & friend. I have learned much from this lady & shes grown leaps & bounds, beyond what I ever imagined. She is an inspiration to me & to others, the Lord uses her writings each & every time. Follow her blog at: Quaintrelle

If I've learned anything in my journey as a Christian, 
its this--you will never be good enough. People are going to judge you, no matter what you do or don't do. And that's ok. I'm here today to tell you to be you. Their opinions don't matter. Testimony is important, of course, and we should act always within His Will and in a Christ-honoring way. I never want to advocate living a life of no standards. I'm talking about living out who you are in Jesus. God has created each of us with a unique, specially-designed personality, with unique, specially-designed interests, passions, likes, dislikes, and desires. Be that person.

I like the color pink. I like sparkly things, perfume-y-things, chocolate, and coffee. I enjoy shopping. I like art museums and outdoor concerts. I can sit for hours reading, and I consider myself a movie buff. Passion and emotion are huge role-players in my personality. I'm dramatic and ultra-girly. I use inflammatory statements and wordy-expressions. Words like love and obsess and oh-my-goodness-this-is-perfection. And I'm not afraid to admit any of that. Deep, gritty stories are my favorites. I listen to music that makes me cry. You see some of that here on my blog, and if you know me in person, it may leak out in conversation. Guess what? That isn't going to change. But they aren't the things that define me. They are simply an expression of the person God has crafted me to be. Inside, I have a constant craving to know Jesus at the very deepest level. No one sees the countless hours spent curled in a ball in a dark corner, crying my eyes out, snot-nosed and baggy-eyed. No one knows the months of pain when a man I loved played my heart. No one sees the messy-haired, over-sized-pajamas-Michaela when I sit around for hours, drinking my coffee and talking with my mom. No one can imagine the growth I've experienced, the wisdom I've gained, the trials I've endured. I don't share them publicly. Why should I drag everyone through my life problems? Besides, the internet has no reflection on who I am inside. Yeah, I talk a lot about the earthly comforts I enjoy; but I have a burning heart for Christ, a heart that aches to reach a lost and hurting world. Time and time again I've been misunderstood. Time and time again I let the criticism drive me to tears. Listen, you can take all the right steps, all the right measures to ward off controversy. You can do all the right things, say all the right things. They will still judge. They will still condemn. They will never really know who you are.

I'm excited to know that there are girls reading this blog with insecurity. Girls with tears running down their face. Girls who are misunderstood or too critical of themselves. Girls with heartache and girls with joy. Girls going through indescribable darkness, a private hell no one else can see. YOU are a precious child of God. You are loved by Someone who never changes, who designed your life story and can see every torn page, every gut-wrenching chapter. He KNOWS the outcome. And most importantly, He sees your heart. So stop living for others. Stop trying to please everyone, because sister, you will never be conservative enough, you'll never be liberal enough, you'll never be spiritual enough. Because you are you. Follow the path God has crafted, and don't be afraid of struggle. Its a natural, normal, completely wonderful part of the Christian walk. And yes, I said wonderful. Girl, if you aren't struggling in some area of your life, I'd say you need to take a good step back and do some re-evaluating. Think of David. I love the Psalms because in them we see every emotion of humanity. David was a man after God's own heart, but he questioned God. He fell and got back up, he stumbled and became lost. But he always praised his Maker, and he never gave up. Even when abandoned by friends, even when his hope was lost. Did he care about the opinions of others? Sure. He was human. But he cared about following God more. And guess what? He was still condemned numberless times in his pursuit of God.

The lightI'm so proud of each of you. I don't know exactly who is reading this post, and I hope it can reach out to many, even guys, if they choose to read it. :) I speak from my heart as a lady to other ladies, only because I live in a household of all girls, and being a girl myself, I know how they roll. It isn't easy being human, is it? But it isn't impossible. If I had a mission statement for this blog, it would be something like this: Quaintrelle is a personal life-style/fashion blog. Why? Because I'm a woman. A Christian woman. A woman on-fire for the truth. My life isn't an open book, but it is real, and sometimes things happen that need-sharing. I write about my Walk with Jesus, and I write about insignificant happenings. Though I'm an extrovert, writing is an outlet and branch of expression I find in no other medium. To me, writing is art and bit of soul. Modesty, fashion, and beauty are a part of this blog because all girls want to be beautiful, and sometimes its difficult to balance. I hope to inspire others in a feminine, modest, Christ-honoring way. The end.

Remember, no one is perfect. And you can do nothing on your own accord to attain perfection. Only God can work in you. You'll stumble and struggle and cry big, ugly tears. Jesus sees them, He knows your heart. Keep striving to find Him, and He will make His plan clear. Girl, you are beautiful. Follow Jesus, no matter what. And never, ever let the opinions of others shape who you are. 

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