Sunday, November 10, 2013

what attracts a man to a woman ~ what attracts a woman to a man?

I'm sure we can add to this list, but I like it, so much truth here. Glad I found it! And you know me, I'm going to stick my neck out here like I always do... watch the manipulators! Its an art for some girls, I know guys can be deceptive also, but I know girls. Like I always stress here with the ladies, you know when you are not being you & when you are only showing your talents & good side to impress hoping to catch the guy, when in the end, its not really you he caught. Be you ~ faults & all. Sure physical attraction is usually the first thing that gets us, but a pretty face can become ugly to a man when he sees your heart is ugly or that you are just a gimmick, selling something you are not. Be honorable & true. 

In my mind, men are a little easier to understand than women in regards to the attraction thing.  Obviously, a man will be attracted to physical beauty first.  But what exactly is it that first grabs his attention?
  • her figure
  • her hair
  • her posture (don’t underestimate this one!)
  • her eye contact with him whenever he looks her way, and then often she’ll drop her eyes (probably to try to hide the fact her heart is racing and about to make her pass out!)
  • her open body language
  • her wardrobe (especially the more feminine it is)
  • her face
  • her SMILE and the way her eyes sparkle – a woman will often smile almost uncontrollably at a man when she is deeply attracted to him.
  • her laughter
  • her friendliness toward him specifically
What is it that KEEPS him with her?
  • her friendly,  interesting personality
  • her appreciation of his sense of humor
  • her acceptance of him
  • her admiration for him
  • her cooperation with his goals, plans, dreams and career
  • her seeing the best in him
  • her willingness to really listen to him and hear him when he shares his heart
  • her faith in him
  • her faith in God – if he is a believer this is going to be paramount to him!
  • her ability to roll with changes in plans and setbacks
  • her willingness to be positive about life, to be optimistic, to expect the best, to see the good in situations and people (negativity and complaining are NOT ATTRACTIVE!)
  • her ability to share about herself (BUT NOT TOO MUCH TOO SOON!)
  • her sense of humor
  • her lack of fear and anxiety
Guys – you are welcome to add to these lists if you’d like!
This is where things get a bit more complicated.  Appearance is definitely part of the equation, but not all of it.  Here are some things I think are involved:
  • his sense of confidence or being an “alpha male” (if it turns to cockiness, that can be a turn off, though)  In my mind, from a Christian woman’s perspective, the most attractive thing would be his confidence in Christ and his identity in Christ and confidence in his masculinity – but tempered by genuine humility.  I don’t know if that makes sense to the guys, but it does to me.
  • He is not afraid of her
  • He doesn’t idolize her
  • He doesn’t try to do everything she wants and change himself just to please her and to try to be ”nice.”  He doesn’t change who is his for her.  He knows who is is. (“nice” does not evoke feelings of admiration from women)
  • his sense of humor
  • his ability to be comfortable in his skin and comfortable around her
  • he may tease her gently and that can catch her off guard, but can be very magnetic for a woman
  • he has interesting stories, but does not completely monopolize the conversation
  • he is interested in her heart and soul, not just her body
  • he may be tall, broad jaw, broad shoulders and athletic – but personality can overcome appearance with women!
  • his eyes capture her attention
  • there may be a flirty chemistry about him
  • his interesting personality
  • his charm
  • his masculinity, a sense of his strong, powerful masculine presence – but in a controlled form – he’s not quick to fight or lose his temper
  • his faith in God – the light in his eyes when he talks about Jesus
  • his interest in her life
  • his chivalry
  • he makes her feel more feminine just by his presence
  • he knows how to use words in a way that deeply impacts her.  Words are for women, like Bob Grant says. And a man who knows how to use the right words at the right time is one powerful man!


  1. Yep,pretty much sums us ladies up!

  2. This is great! Really sums things up in a clear, concise manner. =) I'd totally add posture to the ladies list, too. I like to see good posture. ;)

  3. Thanks for sharing this, very thought provoking! I've printing these our and we've discussed it with the the family. :)