Thursday, November 14, 2013

insightful message on pursuing women--a must listen!

Found this wonderful message, Biblical Pursuit, via a facebook friend and Christian cartoonist, Daniel Nuckols. Please fan him on Facebook. He has a wonderful ministry of bringing Glory to God through cartooning. Note however that the sermon is from Pastor Jeff Vanderstelt and his wife, Jayne, of Soma Tacoma. It is an incredibly insightful presentation of a man's Biblical role in pursuing women. In essence, he has to die to himself for her. Not your typical relationship message. A must listen ~ Please take the time :) You wont be sorry. 

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  1. Excellent message!! Thanks for sharing, the message! I completely agree with the message. One of the main points in the message that I've been thinking about a lot myself is what he said about a guy having a vision or knowing his calling before marrying. That is something I've been seeking the Lord about for a long time and I do believe God is getting closer and close. I used to be frustrated a lot about not know a definitive calling but I'm realizing that it's a process and it's during this time that God is drawing me closer to Him. In fact I believe that is that is part of the reason why He hasn't shown me the "big calling" because He knows that I'd would have then try to go about it in my own strength and get all focus on that more than my relationship with Him. God's will is not something to figure our once and then your set for life, it's something we need to be constantly seeking everyday!
    But I digress...the point or rather question that I'm getting at is does a guy need have a calling or vision for his life before entering a relationship with a woman?