Wednesday, September 4, 2013

Unmarried Movie trailer

So thrilled about the Unmarried Trailer you are about to watch. If you remember when I first began my relationship/girl blog one of my very first posts was about the Unmarried Movie that I have linked to here:

Since then, we have been waiting for more! Singleness, especially within Christian circles, I would say more so in home schooled Christian circles is alarming. Again, we can start the debate of "does everyone need to be married.... it is better to be single stuff", but seriously, EVERYONE???? This is scary. I do not have sons, only daughters. If I did have sons, my husband & I would be gearing our young men to be earnestly seeking a wife, a helpmeet. No more computer time! Get off & go look! Again, I hear you saying, " but, there arent any out there worth chasing." Oh, cry me a river! :P You & I both know there are many, beautiful inside & out ladies out there just waiting. Is there any thing wrong with singleness? Absolutely not, but I will not buy that all these singles out there are to be, it just cant be.

How many times have you heard the same cry & plea from single ladies that you know? Frustration all around us if you listen closely. The Christian ladies out there are ready, at least the ones I know, but all they can do is wait. These are women who are well equipped to be wives, yet no one seems interested. Its a problem & no one seems to know what to do about it. Why? I'm befuddled really. Christians especially should be very aware & concerned as to why singleness is so prevalent. If you have an answer let me know :) Why do you think this is going on?

I give credit to this upcoming documentary the Unmarried Movie to :

Follow them on FB as I have if you have an account. I support their effort in getting this very crucial message out. The break down of the family has been blamed on everything from homosexuality, abortion & the list goes on & those are true reasons, but lets not make light of this, singleness too is the death of family life.

Men, get out there & git yerself a wife! They are swarming all around, not hard to find. I know many available ladies out there & so do you ~ many in their late 20's & well into their 30's. Why is it so hard for the gentleman out there? Is it commitment? I'm so very curious.

You know, years ago we didn't have the Internet, some how we were able to meet many men,  not a problem at all. Yet, today we have access to this contraption & the pool is much, much larger now. I believe Internet access to hundreds of women has actually been the down fall in relationships. Its actually crippling.  Why stop at one girl when you have access to so many? Makes sense, no? I really think the computer has stifled many. Keep browsing & remain single. Another contributing factor is the gospel of having a paid off home, perfect job, college degree ect..... that has permeated the home school realm. Not that there is anything wrong with having a paid off house & car ect.... of course. However, it is keeping the men scared & non-committal & from seeking a wife, sometimes even if they desire to do so. And what about the ladies out there expecting all of this from the men? Its a scary place for both. Yes, you do want to marry a responsible man, period, not saying you should settle for less. Put the Lord first & you will grow & learn together through trial & error. But, in home schooling circles this is a crippling mindset. If you differ in my opinion, please enlighten me. :)

 I think too that Vision Forum & other organizations have been the biggest proponents of  "perfection" before marrying. "What He Must be to Marry My Daughter." I don't disagree with everything in the book, but the guys are scared! They are scared of the ladies out there & their fathers who believe they need to date the gentleman who is calling for his daughter.  Of course if you dont know the young gentleman calling it is our responsibility to get to know him for sure. How about work together on a project, have him over & spend good old fashioned time together in a family setting. One on one time with dad & suitor is necessary, but dating? Imagine if there were a book called "What She Must be to Marry My Son."????  Yikes! That would be a long book btw ;)

  The tables are turning, you now have desperate women chasing men in hopes of getting hitched, I've seen this over & over again.  Is there an answer to this dilemma? What do you say to a 30 + yr. old woman who is still waiting? Do we have an answer for her? I know quite a few ladies who are just shaking their head in dismay...... Because the truth of the matter is, its the man that has to seek & move forward; the responsibility falls on him.
disclaimer: the above is NOT ruling out the foolishness of women. Because I am a mother of five daughters I tend to see from a gal's perspective. However there are many, many foolish women who are looking for perfection, are totally boy crazy, and because of that. . .are very capable of scaring men away. You can't blame the guys who ARE doing the right thing in seeking a wife--just as there are girls who are ready and would make wonderful wives, they too are few and far between.

Proverbs 18:22

22 Whoso findeth a wife findeth a good thing, and obtaineth favour of the Lord.


  1. SO GOOD! I'm really excited to see the final product (yes, San Antonio film festival, I am SO looking at you. ;) ) Obviously we talk about it all the time at home--but singleness is a huge issue in our culture, not just in the world, but in Christian circles. The lack of godly young men actively seeking wives is frightening--I see evidence of it every day. We need to pray for our brothers in Christ, but we also need to get THIS message out. Anyway--excellent trailer. Cheers for "Unmarried!"

  2. This is so true! It's sad how our culture is having such a big impact on Christians' worldview. We really need to pray for a return to the principles found in Scripture! Although I really agree with you, my family also knows several very godly young men who have been turned down, etc. I'm convinced there are still many godly men seeking for a godly wife out there. Anyway, really interesting topic, and can't wait to see the movie (it's even got Kevin Swanson!). Thanks for the post!

    1. Thank you, Madison! That is so very encouraging :) And yes, you are so very right, there are many godly young men out there seeking. I appreciate those gentleman & admire them greatly. :D

  3. While I agree that singleness is definitely concerning, especially in our culture that puts so little value on family, and we, as the ambassadors of Christ should be setting a godly example, I also think that our attitude towards singleness isn't always godly either.

    Singleness can and *should* be a glorious season of seeking Christ and Christ alone. As a young lady who is unmarried, I see this time of my life as a blessing I will never have again - a time to focus my love and attention on my Heavenly Bridegroom - whether He sees fit to bring me an earthly one or not. Our God is SO INCREDIBLY CAPABLE of bringing my husband to me in His own good time, that any time I spend worrying on it that score is time I could've spent pursuing Jesus.

    As far as resources go, I have been *incredibly* encouraged and blessed by Leslie Ludy's book Sacred Singleness. It really puts a beautiful emphasis on our relationship with Christ, and how we will only experience His very best for us in the realm of marriage when we are COMPLETELY surrendered to Him and to His will for us. Next to deciding to follow Christ, marriage is THE MOST IMPORTANT decision a couple will ever make, so it's important to have that foundation of Jesus Christ laid solid before trying to build our house.

    On a completely different note - I can't wait to meet you and your girls in person tomorrow! :)


    1. Liza, so, so agree with you here :) You are so very right. I guess Im speaking more of a view point of ladies who are almost in their 30's who have gone through a season of serving the Lord & seeking Him out & are way beyond ready. Although any age certainly should be focusing on Christ within their singleness. Still, theres the fact that many young men are not focused on marrying, but focused rather on "having to do this first then Ill search." We see this so much around us.

      With all that said, yes, you are validated :) I get where you are coming from!

      HEY! YES! Tomorrow!!!!! So exciting! CYA then!!!!!

  4. While I don't agree with the mindset or rather the way-to-the-solution that they promote in this documentary (as you probably well know :P), I have to say that I *so* agree about the VF crowd pushing perfection (and the homeschool culture - at least those influenced by VF - isn't helping boys become MEN...whole 'nother topic...). We set up so many rules and give so many conflicting signals there's no way the poor guys can figure out what to do.

    Anyway. Wish I could be with ya this weekend! Have a great time!

    1. Its a mess out there, isnt it? sheesh. Ah, well, God is in control of these things & He knows what we need, yes?

      Some day.... we will meet! Wish you could have made it :)

  5. Lots of thoughts stirred up by this one! But, I don't have time to post much today. I really want to write something on this. Being 38 when I got married I have some opinions on the subject as you might guess!! :-) Glad to say that my husband, brothers and brother-in-laws all actively sought their wives. :-)

    Anyway, my first thought is that irresponsibility is a big issue in young men not seeking wives. But, there are other things I've seen along the way too.

    And Vision Forum - don't get me started! :-P I've had issues with their methods for years. Sad, sad and so frustrating to see some of the results - including this issue. Matthew 7:20 Wherefore by their fruits ye shall know them.

  6. I have mostly boys and we are encouraging them to marry just as soon as they can support a wife...and, I don't mean in luxury...LOL! How wonderful it is to know that those who want to get married will have those to choose from. May God give wisdom to us as parents and to our young people as we navigate this territory. He is Faithful. What a blessing it is to belong to Him. :) Blessings to you, Camille