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being a Godly man: attracting a Christian girl

Stumbled upon this blog ~ interesting. Anyway, I for one am always ready & wanting to hear from the men out there whether single or married; very refreshing hearing a mans perspective on relationships. Some good thoughts here :)

Pet Peeve: When people say, "being in love with Jesus" have to clarify that for me when I hear people say this just seems so irreverent to me. Im not "in" love with Jesus, but I do love Jesus. ok... sorry....... lets move on. :)

Being A Godly Man: Attracting a Christian Girl

Does everybody seem to be hanging around in two’s? does it seem like the whole world has already paired up and you are the only one left standing? I bet it seems like the whole world is in couples! Welcome to singledom!
So this is your situation. Everyone seems to have a partner but you. You’d like to have one. I mean, you've been waiting patiently on God. You've been faithful and trust him and his promises. Surely there’s someone out there for you, but they’re not just going to fall from the sky into your lap are they??!!! Be great if they did, but I’m sure there’s some health and safety issues with that concept.
Classic white wedding shoesSo the question, how do you attract that lovely Christian girl? What you would like from this post is for me to pull out some magic formula from scripture. Just hidden away there, in one of the minor prophets. That nugget of golden information which will turn you into that Godly, Christian stud of a man!!! Alas, no such joy, though if you stumble upon any in the Bible do let me know.
At this point, the mature, wiser Christian will pipe up with something like “well God is all you need.” And possibly insinuate that you are not walking closely with the Lord because you feel the need for companionship. I will point out, that these Christians are normally married with children and cannot remember that feeling, but believe me, once upon a time they did! And of course they are not wrong but neither are they helpful in their take on the situation.
God himself recognized that man would be better with a close companion, someone to share the joys and glory of basking in the presence of God and his creation. Feeling lonely or wanting to find that special someone does not make you any less of a Christian. You are, the way God created you, with the same human needs as everyone else. Don’t beat yourself up or think that its wrong to feel like that, its fine – but lets make sure we support those feelings with Gods word, it makes all the difference.
Some quick points to aid you in attracting the Christian girl: 
Be happy with who you are
A lot of people go around with the notion that you cant be truly happy unless you find a partner. Well that’s not entirely true. To be able to enjoy being with somebody else you have to be comfortable with yourself. You have to recognize that God fearfully and wonderfully made you. He sent his son to die on the cross for you – he obviously thinks your worth it. He has given you gifts and talents. Recognize you have your own special, individual personality created just for you by God. Being comfortable and confident in who God has made and is making is important.

Recognise that singleness is not a disease… in fact it can be great
I could spend all day talking about this, maybe I’ll write post dedicated to the plus’ of being single. For now, I’ll direct your attention to 1 Corinthians 7. I’d recommend reading the whole chapter to fully grasp whats being said, but its basically talking about those who are married and those who aren’t and what one is better. Verse 17 says:

“Nevertheless, each one should retain the place in life that the Lord assigned to him and to which God has called him.”
.If you take in the rest of the chapter, what is really being said here is: wherever you are, be there for the glory of God.
Paul is saying, singles – get up and walk. You are not crippled because you are single. You are not lacking if you are single, you are not being overlooked if you are single.
Life doesn't begin when you find that certain someone. Marriage and singleness are gifts from God. Recognize your state is a gift and enjoy the moment you are in and make the most of it for the glory of God.
Be in love with Jesus
There is nothing more attractive than being passionate about what you believe.

And as a Christian, what do you believe? Do you believe that Christ died for you? Do you believe Gods word is infallible and for every part of your life? As a single person, you have more time to yourself. Forget the Xbox, forget surfing the net hour after hour. Grab your bible, pick it apart, study it diligently. Pray, for anyone and everyone. Grow closer to Father God, fall in love with Christ again!
Later on in 1 Corinthians it talks about the body of Christ and how it should work (verse 14 onwards). Which is basically saying how we should get involved and serve the local church. You are single, you have no split commitments. Your focus, your energies can be channelled into the church you belong to. You have one over someone who is married. You can throw yourself 100% into church life and church work without having one eye on other responsibilities. So serve! With all your heart. You can do great things if you have a spirit of servitude.

Romantic. Sweet. Perfect.Are you noticing a pattern? None of the advice actually relates directly to you and that special someone. If you are looking for a good Godly woman (which I really hope you are), then the biggest characteristic that they should be looking for is a good Godly man. Which doesn't mean, wearing the latest trends, having the biggest muscles or being the life and soul of the party. It means they should be looking for someone who puts God first in everything. Who base their life, their decisions, their outlook and attitude, on what pleases Father God.
I realize that there is a lot more to finding a partner, like physical attraction and different personalities, but I believe if you focus on the points covered you will already be attractive, not just to a girl romantically but to the world in your lifestyle and attitude.

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