Saturday, July 20, 2013

our love story

Hi there! We had a great rain to water our grass & flowers, everything is green again. Our house is up for sale through a Realtor now & we are having our first 2 showings tomorrow :) We found a house & the offer was accepted, now we have to just sell ours. The Lord is in control of these things, yes?

 Its been nice to be off of Facebook, the place of worthless drama & self adoration, a daily morale booster for many. I will be doing a post on this sometime soon. It can be used for good & then again.....  well, you know what I mean. I will get back on eventually, but I'm enjoying my life with keeping this house show ready & knitting for the Etsy Shop I will eventually open. So much more to do than journaling my life on FB.  Lets see.... hmmm... loving our Paleo eating, cutting out major gluten, that's another story. Getting back to health is wonderful! Fell off the wagon for a few years & now back on track. You are what you eat for sure! Its liberating :) 

Working on making all of our self-care products, a new adventure for me. Getting rid of any soaps & shampoos with real-bad-for-you chemicals. Have some neat things in the works coming up here that the Lord is keeping us busy with. I have been writing out the Psalms in a note book, really enjoying this & taking every word in. I plan on doing this with other books of the Bible, just a great way to process everything I read. Its helped me in many ways. Thats about all from this end, we are busy, busy, busy... but in a good way :) Well, enough about me :)

* I found this cute piece that I thought you might enjoy reading, I know I certainly did! Cheers :) *

Our Love Story

Candra (Brightwell) Evans

Our love story begins August 27th, 2009 with a Facebook message from my friend Bryan.
“Hey…long time. Random question…r u still single? Dating? I absolutely know u’d be perfect for my brother……”

On this day and at this moment I was the queen of Christian contentment.  I was thirty-four years old and for the first time in many years I was happy with my single life. 
However, several months before this, I found myself on the floor in tears one day.  I was so weary that I physically could not stand up.  I laid there lonely, depressed, and longing for a love I could call my own.  My hope was delayed and my faith was failing.  Fear overwhelmed me and Satan battled for my mind. 
My self-esteem was low.  Thoughts of a bright future were few and far between.  Love of any kind seemed unattainable. 
I never imagined I would be single for that long, and I never sought a purpose, a vision, or dream, just for me.  I was under the delusion that the approval of others justified the need for my existence.  Therefore I would not be whole until I had a husband.
Walking by faith was a choice that I had to make alone.  God offered to me His love and grace, but it was up to me to take it and live in it.
That day on the floor would be my last and I began fighting for my life like a mad woman. 
After months of abundant prayers, fasting, consuming God’s Word, and praising Him in faith, the Lord delivered me from a depressed spirit.  Finally, the joy of contentment was mine!
So there I sat on August 27th.  I just arrived home from work.  I read Bryan’s words over and over again.
I was reigning in contentment, pursuing my dream of becoming a writer, and starting this blog.  There was no time for distractions.  I was so happy in Jesus and loving my life spent with Him, that I did not want to waste my time on another dead end romance.  I was done searching.  All the love I needed, I was getting from God. 
About the only way I would find myself falling in love,
is if the Lord dropped a man from the sky.
On August 27th …He kind of did. 
There I was reading this message from someone I hadn’t heard from in a very long time.

“Hey…long time. Random question…r u still single? Dating? I absolutely know u’d be perfect for my brother……”

Not yet sensing the move of God, I replied back that I was not interested. 
This did not settle with Bryan or his wife.  They were persistent to get us together.  So I gave in and said it would be okay for his brother to give me a call. 
Fear no longer ruled in my life so why not go on this date?  I knew I was not the same woman I was before.  Before, I would come home and sulk after a bad date.  But this time I could be excited to meet someone new and if nothing else, I was going to network and ask him to share my new “Christian singles blog”!
We played phone tag and finally on a Monday night around 10 pm I answered to the sound of this amazing voice saying my name.  We talked for a little while and he asked me to have dinner with him the following Thursday. Our Love Story - Ronald Evans
 His name was Ronald Evans, Jr.
He was 39 years old, a firefighter,
rental property owner, and a pastor….whoa ;) 
When he knocked on my apartment door that evening and I was ready to have an enjoyable night out.  It didn’t matter if love would be in the air or not.  I was going to have fun and appreciate whatever God had in store for us.  I gave myself a pep talk earlier in the day.
“You are beautiful.  You are blessed. 
If this is not a love connection, it IS okay. 
God has you in His hands and at the appointed time you will receive the answer to your prayer.  If you have a good time, praise God, and if you don’t have the best of times, praise God.  It is because of Him that you have abundant life and nothing can keep God’s love from you.”
After taking in a deep breath, I opened the door to an incredible smile, kind eyes, and hands outstretched.  I then exhaled in his arms as he gave me a warm embrace.
We spent the evening eating, talking for hours, laughing, and sharing stories.  I tried but I could not resist the fall.  He was charming, handsome, fun, loving, and wise beyond his years.
I thought that somehow I would lose sight of my “Christian single woman” power if I fell in love.  But there was nothing to fear.
God lead me to let go and fall in love.  So I did…knowing that as I fell, God was still with me, and He sent Ronnie to catch me.  I knew when Ronnie left my door to return to his car that I would see him again and see him for the rest of my life.
On September 21st, 2009, Ronnie asked if we could make our relationship exclusive…no more looking…no more searching…no more waiting… God said, “It’s time.” 
Our Love Story Church WeddingDecember 8th, 2010, Ronnie proposed to me in the church where our wedding would take place.  On his knee he presented a diamond ring and a bag full of Hershey’s Kisses (It was our symbol of physical love until fully expressed on our wedding night.) 
We returned there August 20th, 2011 to say, “I do”. 
We honor God because this is not our love story, alone.  God has been united with us since the beginning.  Our love story is His creation.

Who knew this one Facebook message would change our lives forever….
 “Hey…long time. Random question…r u still single?
I absolutely know u’d be perfect for my brother……”

Our Wedding Day 


  1. I could really relate to this story. :-) She is not the first Christian single lady I've heard of who had to come to contentment *in* singlehood before the Lord opened the door for contentment in marriage. One sister-in-law and I both had this same situation.

    Candra is also not the first single Christian lady who had a hard time letting go and allowing herself to love the man of God's choosing. :-) I had that experience also, though in a very different way.

    Of course, she doesn't mention it here, but one of my burdens is that many Christians don't support singles in being content with such things as they have - despite the fact that this is a biblical command for all believers. It's a heartache how many instead think it's their duty to push singles into marriage. I realize there are problems with some people *not wanting* to get married because they are afraid/immature/selfish. But, after all, if they are that way then they have other issues to deal with - probably before they deal with marriage anyway.

  2. Great story, very cute. =) The part about the Hershey's kisses was very unique, but I like it! =D

    You sound very busy, glad to hear things are going well!

  3. such a delightful, love-filled story.. thank you for sharing!

  4. So glad to hear about the house offer being accepted :) Miss you guys!!!
    Love, Renee