Thursday, July 4, 2013

online dating

So sad... but hey, I LOVE CAKE!

Haha! Ok, this is funny :)  Maybe not to everyone, but I do have a sense of humor, maybe a warped one of sorts, but there is much humor to be found in this world. Pressure, pressure all around us, yes? Everyone wants to know why YOU aren't married yet!  As if you had any say so in the matter :P I mean, it would be easy if a girl could ask the guy, no? I think so, but its not that way & its not supposed to be that way. Girls have to wait. Weve been through this before on this blog, you remember :) Men do the pursuing & the girls wait for someone to notice them. It can be very tough sometimes. 

Well, I decided  to do some scouting on the singles sites for this post. On my quest, I found dating sites galore & I wont get into that right now or share my opinions at this point, but there seems to be a trend on such sites, its quite interesting for sure. Im not wanting to dispute singles sites in this post, just wanting to point out some of what I have observed in my search, how some are going about meeting others. 

The sites I panned had men galore while only few women seem to frequent those particular ones I visited.  So, the women wait & wait, the guys are looking, looking..... very confusing

I find it interesting that most of the men describe themselves as: very handsome, strong, kind, patient, fun-loving, caring, hard working etc..... (very admirable indeed)  WOW! Our world is full of them! Where are they? haha! I also found it very interesting that most are looking for honest & trustworthy women.  I also noticed that most of the men looking for a new lady will easily explain how terrible their last relationship was, hoping that the next lady will be THEE one.  Hmmmm...... this does say a lot about our society, doesn't it? But, what a mess it is on the dating sites, now I'm picking on the men because that is most of what I viewed. Here are all of these men, hundreds upon hundreds looking for Mrs. Right, paint a perfect picture of themselves, but Mrs. Right doesn't want them. Interesting. They sell themselves very vibrantly, but it cant be that ALL of those men are every womens dream. Its a mess.

Ok, well all of that aside, over & over again the men are saying they are looking for honesty. Yikes! Doesn't say much for us women, does it? Well, yes, I've looked at what both "men of the world" had to say & professing Christian men want & its honesty in a woman. I can only assume that the women in their lives are cheats & or manipulators in some way. However, I'm sure if we were to ask the ladies their side of the story about the men frequenting these sites, we would hear a different tale. The bottom line is, both sexes are searching & hurting for a "real" relationship, one that will stand the test of time. I think being single today is much tougher than when I was growing up. Back then it was just a few in your circle or you would possibly meet someone new at an outing of some sorts & then people just hung out together, sometimes love would spark. I guess you could say the "pool" is bigger now with the Internet. Times have changed. 

All this to say, people are looking for love in all the wrong places, nonetheless, looking for love. We are starving for love out there.  So men are looking for women, but perhaps going about it the wrong way now that we have access to every women on earth through the very screen you are looking at right now. Simple as 1-2-3. I think I prefer the old fashioned way :) Another topic for another day :) To clarify, Im not saying you cant meet THEE one online, I know many that have & are quite happy. 

Anyhow, a few blurbs I copy & pasted below. So much more I could have grabbed, but even I became quite disheartened at some of the attitudes I saw coming from these men, some things I read were just shocking & not good for a Christian to read, so I left them there where they belong.  I'm sure some men are truly sincere, but most just promoted themselves, made a hard to resist package to deny, but we can be anyone on the computer, cant we?

What are your thoughts? I just took a bunch of random thoughts that popped into my mind & typed them out, without much thought :) 

Christian Pick up Lines

(I didnt correct any of the spelling or edit anything) 
* i'm looking for honesty,loyaty,trustworthiness,beautiful,fun to be with.

* Hmmm, How do I describe myself? Well, I am romantic, fun, intelligent, hard working, ambitious, humorous, and family oriented. I enjoy doing so many things like dining, rollerblading, long walks, traveling & sightseeing, movies, comedy clubs, golf, tennis, hockey (Islanders), baseball (Yankees), reading, watching some tv, music, good conversation, and most of all, spending quality time with a woman! I love to laugh and make people laugh, I’d say that is one of my best qualitites. I am looking for the same traits in a woman. I have alot to offer the right woman. I have a heart of gold and believe in treating a woman like a queen. All letters will receive a reply! Hope to hear from you soon! 

* I am looking for the total package...looks, intellect, humor, affection, family values, compassion, ambition, maturity, and the ability to love and be loved. Sounds simple right? I appreciate all the "interests" that are sent to me, but if you live halfway around the world, I doubt we will have a chance to meet. I am looking for a LOCAL woman here on Long Island (Suffolk, Nassau or NYC). ***PLEASE, I’m tired of getting all these "interests" from women claiming to be in NY but actually live in Africa, Russia, or Elsewhere. Enough Already! I have no interest in that!***

Great way to judge guys! haha

* Im outgoing, hardworking, caring compassionate,loyal,faithful and honest.Im looking for a woman whos honest and not afraid to show her feelings.The rest will all fall into place on its own.!!!! 

* Im looking for a god fearing woman who is sick of games and who wants to be loved, to be cared for, to be respected, and to be wanted. I dont want a woman , who has no time to be held and wanted. 

* easygoing,loyal,funny. Been known as a desireable, reliable and good man. One woman man. Looking for the same in a woman. Be my Queen and we can have a nice and happy life 

* Seeking: looking for my best friend honest,caring,female for fun times, dating,travel, activity partner. Prefer someone who is fashionable, enjoys dressing up to go out for the evening. Has goals, looking to build a longtime relationship. 

Christian pick-up lines

* I am looking for/well I'm not sure, I'm looking for a girl who has faith,honest,and that whom I can trust.Also I,m looking for a bestfriend that I could spend the rest of my life with.[A SOUL MATE]!! True love is hard to find,but I think with faith and honest,and the(Internet ha ha)!!! I think that it could happen! All joking aside, I believe that the right person for me is possible(online}. The reason why,is because I have looked everywhere else.(The Wal-mart produce Dept.)LOL!! .And it still has not happen.However please all responds (NOTE TRUELOVE CAN HAPPEN)!!!!!!!! 

* The lady I am seeking should be pretty, have a big heart, a passion for life and a good sense of humor. 

* I am the type person that doesn't like liars or cheaters. I want cheat on you and expect the same in return. I want lie to you and I hope that you wouldn't lie to me. I will treat you with the respect that you deserve, and hope to get the same in return. I'm tired of the games that have been played on me, and i'm just looking for someone that would like to be treated right. Someone that I can give my heart and soul to without it being returned crushed. 


* I want to meet a woman who my heart jump every time i look at her. On day one and on day 986. I want to find love again.

* Looking and searching for the right spark to my life. A woman with taste and she must have style with elegance. A lady open to new things and accepting changes when necessary to grow together. Love to wine and dine, and maybe one day travel with me as much as possible, definately(vacations). Okay about me?...I'm a loyal, trustworthy, gentleman(no really)"lol" looking for a woman with the same qualities and some of her own. I'm very unique and I am a ONE WOMAN MAN AND ALWAYS WILL BE! Last, a woman has to love God first in her life and someday learn to get along with me, maybe?LOL One more thing! Very Important! To Interested Ladies? You need to except and grow to love my son Kyle...he is 3 and loves people, so, it should be a cinch! 


* hi i am looking for the love of my life.she must love GOD and want to serve him with looking for a lady who is sincere, honest, sweet and humorous.

Christian Pick up lines!! Haha

* Seeking: I am looking for someone that shares the same interests as me. They must be honest and faithful and willing to share everything with each other.

* Seeking: I am ready to meet the love of my life. I want someone who is honest, smart, and with a sense of humor. I am shy at first but open up after I get to know someone.

* easy going,understanding, casual,romantic at times, good cook. 

So many hurting people. We are nothing apart from Christ. No one is perfect, yet we search for THEE perfect one. Always on a quest for happiness. 


  1. Aaaaaagggghhhhhhhhhh. Some of these were making me think, "Is this really what a guy expects from us {from me!}????" but I know we girls make the exact same mistake--I make that mistake constantly!

    I don't think online dating is bad, but I would far prefer the "old-fashioned" way, like you :)

  2. Ok, this is just all kinds of pathetic! With "lists" like that, how does a girl pick? :P I mean, honestly? Don't worry, I won't go on my "why I despise dating sites" rant, but really. What are these guys REALLY like? (which, btw, someone so surface-minded to want a fashionable, "pretty" lady needs to take a hike. :P We live in the REAL world, folks! ;) ) Its so easy to be whatever and whoever we want online. I can't imagine how crazy I'd be if I was surfing through profiles like the ones listed above--I mean, EVERY guy has something to offer, according to these advertisements. But do they? I see nothing but superficial, worldly men who are looking to satisfy their lusts. What about character? What about a knowledge of the Bible? (and that goes both ways. An attractive MAN is one who puts God before everything and anything else.) What about a wife who will keep a house and raise Godly seed? I feel sorry for the young man who said he thinks his wife is on the internet "because I've tried everywhere else." How about trying God? How about realizing that prayer works, and that in HIS TIME people are brought together. A man should be actively seeking, yes, but these ads are the easy way out. ANYONE can play the macho-man online. Anyone can be debonair and dashing. And I'm sure some of them are--but look at what most are asking for? Not much, really. I certainly hope that the man *I* marry is seeking so much more than looks, nice clothes, and someone to share a cup of wine with. :P

  3. I was on a Christian dating site for a very short time (wasn't actually looking about finding a wife on their though) and saw a lot of this myself. I know it's not true about everyone that uses a dating site but I can't help but think that most that are on one are desperate. It's true these are shallow lists (I saw the same with most of the women's profiles too). I didn't see anything mentioned about the spiritual qualities or character in any of those descriptions! I'd much rather just get to know a person in person...I mean seriously how do you know what a person is really like if you only see them in a controlled environment? It's one thing to make friends online and but in my option if it's to go any farther than that it's best to proceed in the "real world"...or even better start the whole friendship in the "real world"!

  4. This was the "best" line in the whole lot: "I'm a loyal, trustworthy, gentleman(no really)'lol' looking for a woman with the same qualities..."

    He's looking for a woman who is a gentleman? :-/

    Sorry, there's just no way I can take these people seriously. :-D Sad, yes; but also very ridiculous. The idea of looking for "true love" in this manner is an oxymoronic thought process to me, if that makes sense.