Monday, June 17, 2013

quick update on life :)

Hi there! Ok, so Memoir Mondays was not a hit, that is now gone! YAY! haha... yipppee for all of us :P Lots going on here btw. I have a few wonderful bloggers getting their wisdom ready to share here on Paper Mache, looking forward to that :) 

I have been running & extremely busy trying to get our house up & ready for sale! Yep! It always seems like its looking great & then, I find something else :) Its ready, but not for my eyes. I've been painting up a storm & decluttering; should be up by the end of the week, was supposed to be up last week. 

God has many plans for us & we are busy as usual. Looking forward to the steps He is putting before us & what He has for us next, its gonna be great!  

Ok, so have a wonderful day in the blogdom world today as I put will post, post, post, but no more Memoir Monday for any of us to have to suffer through :) 



  1. Well, were trying! I should be getting the house up by the end of this week & hope to be out of here. We are about to go look at a house on Wed. more on the lines of what we talked about, a place where you can breath, hear birds chirping & shoot guns :) Dont know if that will happen, but you just never know. If not there are other houses out there more our style, somewhat country, more space ect....

    Hey, good to hear from you! Praying still for you where you are ~

  2. I love breathing country air and chirping birds. Plenty of people around here shoot guns, but not me so far. :-) My brother has gotten at least one deer on our properties for several autumns now. It's been a great boost to their budget!