Thursday, May 9, 2013

real men dont text

Real Men Don’t Text | The Lost Art Of Chivalry

There is a lost art these days, it is not ancient & it’s not French.
It is the lost art of Manliness and Chivalry. It is opening up a car door for women, even if they aren’t your wife. It is letting your wife, girlfriend, mother or sister go in through a door before you. It is standing when a woman leaves & returns to the table. It is taking off your hat inside. It is tucking in your shirt where necessary. It is calling a girl instead of texting (real men don’t text).  And finally, it is having enough self-respect and respect for yourself as a man that you walk with your shoulders held back, not in intimidation, but in confidence; not in pride, but in humility. Your strength as a man can and should be offered to others. Manly strength is what this world needs so desperately.
Men, it is time to step up! Grow a pair, grow up, stop complaining, open your Bible, get a mentor, and get after it! I mean it. STEP IT UP! Be counted as a man who is going to make a difference. Get off the sofa, turn off that video game, shave, walk upright, and pursue a woman. I am tired of the men I see around me (not any of my friends in specific) who walk around with a chip on their shoulder in complete insecurity.  They haven’t been shown the right way. The good way. The hard way.

Chivalry isn’t dead. Sure there are women who will give you what you want and not expect anything. But the kind of woman who will be a good mother to your children & challenge you isn’t going to settle for a text message instead of a call. You’re going to need to have a job, embrace responsibility, and pursue her like she deserves! And texting and facebooking DOES NOT COUNT.  If I hear of another guy trying to start a relationship by text-flirting I think I will punch a hole in the wall.
One of the best things I have been blessed with in my twenties has been a mentor. In the beginning, I had an older man pursue me, but as I have gotten older (30 years old in April) I have had to start pursuing older men asking their advice and giving them the right to speak into my life, call me out, and point out my faults. This doesn’t always feel good, but real men can take criticism and change.
The difference between a man who is floating through life and a man who is directional in life is the wake he leaves. Look behind you. If the wake of people behind you are not people who, if asked about you, would say “he really impacted me”, then it is time to get your act together!

I get a sneaking suspicion every time I read my wife’s blog or I meet another beautiful young woman who loves the Lord that the men are seriously outnumbered. The abundance of beautiful woman who are waiting for a man to lead them is staggering. Don’t give me that steaming pile of mulch excuse that “all the good ones are taken” because they aren’t. Give me a call & I’ll introduce you to one if I feel like you make the cut.
Be a man.
Get in the Word.
Stop texting.
Pursue a woman!

(haha... ok, I dont have a problem with texting, but I do when its with many, just sayin'. Texting is fine if you are in a relationship & needing to leave a note, but to do it for the sake of not communicating by voice too many times can become an issue. Texting romances are lame in my mind. Its just too easy to text a lot of girls/guys & it has its dangers.) You are interested in someone, do it the old fashioned way ~ talk with her :) 


  1. Great post!!!

    And if you happen to know either of those guys in the can send him my way, I wouldn't be mad. :-P

    1. Ally, aint it the truth! haha... Ill send them over if I see 'em. The only problem is, they would have to get past my girls :P

  2. I don't agree that "real men don't text" because a young man who is courting my sister used/uses texting very much, and he is very gentlemanly. But even though I don't agree, I would far rather have a man that didn't text.

    1. I agree. I dont believe if you are in a courtship you shouldnt text, I am saying more of guys texting & not in a relationship with the girl & or avoiding communicating by voice. Also, so many guys/girls are texting each other these days. Texting everyone! A guy/girl can be texting a number of people of the opposite sex & never having a meaningful relationship.

      Blessings Hannah Elise, I hope you are doing great these days & enjoying those horses of yours!!!

    2. Oh, okay, I get it better now! Yeah, it seems like texting and chatting and emailing has kind of made us lose our ability to "talk" face to face....

      Thank you, my horses are lovely and getting prettier every day now that they've shed!

  3. Great article Patrizia! A young man recently told my daughter she needed facebook so they could get caught up. Hello, you have a phone and wheels? I am with you time for the young men to man up! That is what my girls are looking for.

  4. At the risk of sounding like a curmudgeon, I have to say that while the general message is sound, the "real men don't text" line is a bunch of bologna. :-) The best thing my husband ever did for our relationship/courtship was to mail me a cell phone (we lived thousands of miles apart). Now, granted, he called me regularly as well to talk, but one of the sweetest sounds to me in those days was to come back in the house from being somewhere and listen to see if there was a beep that he'd left me a text message. :-) (No, I didn't carry it with me all the time. And, yes, that can be done. ;-) ) Also, I know of men who find the ability to text message their wife while they are at work to be a great asset to their relationship.

    Having said that, though, I think the "texting romance" stuff that he is talking about has been around for a long time. I'm sure in the past there were guys who did talk to numerous girls on the phone, or who talked to them at church, school, work, etc. They were literally "courting" numerous girls at once, though not with serious intent. Modern texting, *and* chat programs online, have just made it super easy to "multi-court" (I just made that up) and to do it in secret. Before it was easier to pick out the "womanizers" and ladies' men because they were usually doing these things where they were seen/heard by at least someone. I remember years ago being introduced to the son of an evangelist and being told that "he has a girlfriend in every church". :-P (Thankfully, one of his parents spoke up and clarified that that had been stopped and was no longer true. Good job, parents!) Solomon said "there is no new thing under the sun". It's still true. :-)

  5. Id agree. I think where Im having an issue with it all is someone using texts only or trying to get to know a girl only through texts. :) Seems impersonal.

    I love that term you just coined! MULTI-COURT! hahahaha... I shall use this! Maybe even on my blog! hehe... funny stuff :)

    1. Yeah. I agree with that. *Only* using texting or chat programs does seem impersonal - and consequently it's easy to lead someone astray or be led astray. I wouldn't trust a guy that tried to do that unless he had a mighty good reason - like he *couldn't* talk. Otherwise, it's almost like the only thing he could want to gain by it is a temporary, uncommitted relationship, which means he's not serious at best.