Wednesday, March 6, 2013

so much to blog about!

So many thoughts running through my head, so much to blog about!

I have a few things in the works, the Lord has really put a lot on my heart & I'm having fun sharing & meeting new people here & enjoying some old friends too. 

 Its important to me to keep the theme of my blog going, but I would like to share family life with you also. Things like photos & every day happenings without diverting too far from the purpose of this place. I'm being both challenged & blessed by what the Lord has laid on my heart here at Paper Mache & am hoping to bless you as well :) 

So, I'm thinking family stuff may break things up a bit here & there. 

I will be interviewing my two oldest daughters, Michaela & Anna about the book that they have in the works. That should be interesting & fun. A bit of Q & A time :) Hoping to get that up by next week. 

What would you like to see here? What sorts of topics or anything.... just tell me! haha... not sure I can deliver, but I will consider whatever it is you want to see happen here on my blog. K? How about some guest posts sprinkled here & there or interviews of some sort from you???  What do you think? So bring in the ideas & help this old women out! 

Blessings upon blessings on your day :)


  1. Well, I'd love to hear more about your family, and interview about Anna and Michaela's book would be great as well!
    Of course I love what you've been posting about, but other features would be interesting, too.
    I think interviews with other bloggers/people you know would be interesting. I don't know if you got my e-mail yet, but I asked about a Q&A feature there, too.

  2. Hi Samantha! Yes, I did get your email & I will get to it soon :) Bless you :) You are a blessing! I will take your advise btw :)