Thursday, June 20, 2013

roles of men and women are confused

Times sure have changed. I thought this was interesting enough to share. I agree with a lot of what this article is saying. I've touched on this before & it always comes back to me when I read this sort of thing. Girls today are pushy; many any way. They take the lead, flirt uncontrollably or whatever it takes to be the "top-girl' among many. Many young ladies will go to great lengths to impress (whatever they deem impressive) to hopefully get the guy to like them. If their tactic doesn't work, they get real out there, use all sorts of manipulation ect. C'mon ladies, you know what I am talking about :) Again, we know what we are doing & when we do it. Leave the pursuing up to the men & let God be the director. Today we are deceived into thinking that we have to be pushy, we have to be the initiator. The guys not going to move, so I have to do something to get his attention! Even if that means parading myself or initiating all sorts of nonsense in hopes that he will talk to me or just acknowledge me. 

Well, bad news ~ that usually ends up back firing in the end. Possibly you may have deceived yourself as a young lady into thinking that it works. Maybe it even will for a time, but eventually you will see, that it was just your pride or imagination. Let the young men be the men God wants them to be & let them be prodded by Him, not you. Girls/young ladies/women are so gutsy these days, its unattractive & demeaning. I really do believe it scares the men away, not draw them closer to you. Do not be deceived. 

Roles of Men and Women are Confused
Richard Mansel
Kevin lifted the canoe into the water, while his grandfather, Ernie, carried the fishing tackle. They worked to get into the boat and prepare for a morning of fishing.
After an hour, Ernie asked his grandson if he had a girlfriend.
Kevin blushed. “Well, no. But I like some girls.”
“Son, what’s stopping you from dating one of them?”
Kevin shrugged. “Girls have asked me out but I don’t feel comfortable with that. I watch old movies and the girls wait for the men to call and ask them out. I guess that’s what I want. To be in the lead, you know.”
“Things have certainly changed, Son.”
“Yeah. The girls are kinda pushy. Why are they like that?”…

In the past, men controlled society and women were considered second-class citizens. Women did not have the opportunities that they have today. They could not vote, and often worked at menial jobs for less pay. Through the efforts of many heroines over time, they fought and won many rights.
In those days, men courted women, but women set the boundaries of their relationships. Women valued their own chastity, and though they lacked social equality, they expected a man’s respect for their femininity. Men knew they had to grow up if they had a chance to get married. Accordingly, women encouraged men to improve and helped strengthen society.
As women gained a better station in life, some took the opportunity to make other changes. In their view, women suffered repression and should fight for sexual liberation. They pushed generations of women into becoming sexually aggressive. As a result, we have confusion today about the roles of men and women.
Far too many men in the past had disrespected women and treated them as sex objects, taking advantage of them. However, the feminist movement produced a similar brand of female, further complicating the picture. These women told men that they had to get in touch with their feelings and become more feminine in order to be desirable, so men tried to assume this new shaky ground. Still dissatisfied, these women then demanded tougher men that were handsome, rugged, fit and rich.
Men tried to keep up, but lost their bearings. The natural roles of men and women fell apart in this new climate. The men who wanted to court women, and females who felt uncomfortable taking charge, faced ridicule. Young men were constantly under threat of sexual harassment charges, while watching girls wear fewer clothes and become more demanding and immoral. Everyone was hopelessly confused.
Whereas women used to cultivate and mature men, they now have abdicated that role by becoming the aggressors. Many men no longer have a reason to become gentlemen and repress their sexual appetites. They remain little boys, unable to handle adult relationships. As a result, women become more frustrated with men.
The feminists who took the genders off on a tangent have hurt women immeasurably. Today, young men and women suffer to work against type and to be what they are not.
The unchangeable truth, however, is that God has always had a plan for what men and women would be, and He placed them in roles that will elevate both of them (Genesis 2:18-25). Men are to love their wives, treating them with respect, love, and tenderness, and be the type of man with whom a woman will find happiness and satisfaction. Wives are to love their husbands and commit to him and their children (Ephesians 5:22-28; Proverbs 31).


  1. Amen! Excellent article, it explains well how the roles got all mixed up (I don't know all those details). Thanks for sharing!

    It really is confusing, for guys often because you want to be sensitive to the women and tender yet your are supposed to be strong and tough. That's a hard balance to have. Sadly women feel they have to be the same way, both feminine and sweet yet tough. This is a sad indeed when women feel the have to be tough because if they don't they will be hurt by men - that fear aught never to be!

  2. Because, quite simply, when we mess with God's order of things the only possible outcome is disorder.

  3. Excellent! Reminds me of a quote I saw on Pinterest: " If more females would sit down and be ladies, more males would stand up and be gentlemen" =)

    1. Very true! But instead they think they have to step up because the men are not. It truly is inspiring and motivating for me to read and hear from young ladies that want to fill their God ordained roles!