Tuesday, February 12, 2013

starting over....

Hmmmmm..... Going on faith here. I have begun a new blog; not a follower in sight :) hehe... 

I have never been happy with my old blog & have never settled on a name, so I decided to start over, lets see what happens. I only left 63 followers behind, they will find me again, I hope :) 
Well.... here goes!



  1. Yay!! Welcome back to the blogosphere. Looking forward to more of your new posts!

  2. I enjoy reading Michaela's blog. Our families have much in common. I too am Italian and Mama to five daughters. I love to tease my girls by quoting Pride and prejudice... "When you have five unmarried daughters tell me what else will occupy your mind." Just because I have five daughters and I can. We also have 3 incredible young men and are waiting for the arrival of our little Henry in May. I look forward to reading more here.